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My not so tiny man is deflating back to his tiny size. You can really see it in his chest and face. The skin was stretched so tight and now it is all wrinkly. It will go back to normal in a couple of days. The doctor said earlier that he would be happy to see 10ml of urine in the first 24 hours. We are now at 11ml in just 10 hours! So he just might be back to normal output (1ml per hour) by tonight. They warned us that he will probably have too much output for a day or two t ... hat will require them to give fluids and replace electrolytes. The doctors and nurses have been really good at preparing us and giving us all of the possibilities so most things don't come as a shock. But of course this tiny man likes to make his own surprises to keep us on our toes. The second chest tube has helped a lot. We are almost out of room to wean the oscillator so he may be back on the regular vent within the next day or two. He will stay on moderate sedation until both chest tubes come out, then they can move him to light sedation so that he is a little more active. But for right now they are just waiting to see what his body does on it's own so they can get a better idea of what he will need in the next few days. Personally, I'm just waiting for his cute little face to shrink and his eyes to open again 2018 latest wedding wears dressed in beach

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