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A week or two after the battle, "Desert Storm", the CIA decided to cook me with radiation, one evening, in the house that I rented a room upstairs. The Landlady was bawling and said, "He's a good boy, why do you want to hurt him" before they began. 4th Avenue and 7th Street, I think the address was. My hair turned grey overnight, my skin was a sickly looking, blue grey gene color. I felt really bad! It felt like hundreds of needles shooting through me, then after a short pause, it felt like searing fire passing through me, then the last phase was like the sense and feeling, of way too many white white flourescent lights, complete with the weird soft buzz. Over and over for 5.5 hours, through the night. I went down to Jim's Cafe, the next morning, and Jane asked me, if I was dead. Probably, because I looked it. Then the older guys in the back were talking to some guy nack there and said you son of a bitch, you promised not to do anything to hurt him. Then they told him, that he better leave, or they might have to him, maybe even kill him. So he walked gmhuuriedly out and promising that they would never do anything like that again. Then a couple weeks later, a fellow that looked something like him, came up to me and appologised. Then said they had taken a better look at my background and found out, that I was the kind of guy, who always tried to help filks, the best I could. He said they hadn't known And made a big mistake. Then he added that I now had support, if I thought of something to benefit the people, they would take a look at and possibly invest. It would be better, if the idea, showed profit potential. So a few weeks,later, I got busy. First idea, why don't we hire some experts and combine business and government communication technology and develop a computer system available to the general public. A few weeks later, why don't we develop, a small communication device, that we can fit in our pocket, not radio, because of radio static and range limitations. Then about a week or two later, maybe we should put a camera on it. So folks might be safer, with 911 call ability and camera. With a small hand held device, that can fit in a pocker. Number 3 was G.P.S.(Geosynchronous Positioned Sattelite) system. For navigation, and pin point coordinate accuracy. 24 Sattelites in that initial system, as I suggested. 24 is my birthday, and I had already realized that after the profit analysis was done on Inter-Net and Cell Phones, I sensed that they were already masking my name, as originator of implementation idea. Lots of money $$$'$ going on! So I thought of 24 Sattelites in G.P.S. System, as an Evidemciary Tool, to bear witness, for me, as originator of G.P.S. concept. Next was the "Indian Casinos", because I was so sick of watching Indian People, being held down. They Saved My Life A Couple Times, So I Know They Have Merit And Deserve A Real Substance Start. White People Received Lotteries, Scratch Tickets And Pull Tabs, So They Would Not Feel Cheated. Las Vegas Was Livid! Some Las Vegas People, Are Still Not Pleased, About Those Changes, In Legalized Gambling. But Hey, The Indian People, Are Doing Better! As Well, As Lottery Millionaires! Yippee! I Thunk/Thought Up Those 4 Initiatives, Within 6 Months! Unfortunatly, The CIA And NSA, Then Realized The Value Of My Mind, And Have Been Troubling Me, Ever Since! I Still Have Disgusting People , Kept Around Me! Still Working At Soiling My Name, Attempts To Entrap Me, Hari Harming The Girls, Who Express Affection For Me! Obviously They Have Been Trying To Destroy My Memory, So They Can Steal, All The Money! Even Here In Canada, Some Of Those Creepy, Foul, Evil People, Are Moving Around Me. Like Wolves Or Sharks, Always Trying To Make Me Bleed! Filthy Freaks, That They Are! Dress Affordable sexy and sassy wedding bridal wears