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Been worried about Murphy. Rabbit's digestion and elimination are pretty unique and critical to their health. No mammal can live on hay and grass. But some (think cows) have evolved to live on the products of gut flora that, in turn, live on the hay and grass they eat. Rabbits are like that, too. Their basically composting guts require a one-way valve, so they can't belch or pass gas. That's why they can't eat anything that will cause gas. Fatal.

Their kidneys also extract the extra calcium, which is why their urine dries white. It's also why they drink a lot of water so that calcium doesn't turn into a gritty sand-like material in their bladder. Painful.

Rabbits need, therefore, lots of hay, a little bit of grass, few treats, and lots of clean fresh water.

Murphy is also an Angora, so has beautiful long fur. When he grooms himself, some of that is swallowed and that also must be excreted for good health.

This is background information.

His long hair attracts pieces of hay and as he hops around my office, it gets all over the floor. So I found some pellets that claimed to be the perfect rabbit food: mostly Timothy hay, a little alfalfa, and some dried fruit and nuts... all infused with proper vitamins. One product and no messy hay.

The only problem is that once I started feeding that to him, the size of his "poop" pieces got down to about half-normal. His urine turned brown-red and stunk.

Hopefully he'll get back to normal now that he's back on hay, a little alfalfa pellets, and fresh greens. Darn stuff was expensive too. Either way, he's seeing his vet next week for a checkup. I think he's fine... right now as I sit on the deck and type this, he's hopping around like a happy bunny, trimming the plants he can reach, and checking on me by touching my feet now and again. He made an improvement to the banzai tree and sampled the chives and sage. Who needs synthetic vitamins? DressAfford wedding dresses with mixed blue and white color