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Hi all, recently my daughter got conjunctivitis from her infant care & then spread to me. It's been 10 days and her eye is still red & swollen. We've seen 4 times our GP & even went to the eye specialist. & they diagnosed her conjunctivitis is very serious. May take weeks to recover. beige or ivory color wears to a prom
I remember clearly that one of the kid that got it came back with a swollen eye then on the exact day my daughter got the virus.
Before it happens I still told the teachers that I noticed the boy ... 's eye is still abit swollen how come can come back? Is he really fully recovered. The teachers say they boy had been absent from school 13 days and now he has doctor certify fit for school. Hence they have to accept him back.
Fine, then few hours later they called me say my daughter's eye is abit infected.
Then infant care has always been taking good care of my daughter. I do not wish to blow up the matter on the school and Teachers, but is there any thing I can do to complain against the kid's parents and their doctor who certify? It's irresponsible of them!

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