black wedding dresses

This guy right here, he made THE worst coffee ever! Actually it was usually left over from the day before, and he'd lie and tell me he just made it! He was my morning man!

We had a serious love/hate relationship, when I'd come running into the studio (while he was on the air) and say "WILLIE!!! I NEED THIS AD ON THIS AFTERNOON, PLEASE HELP ME PRODUCE IT, I'LL BUY YOU DONUTS! PROMISE" He'd sometimes correct my ad scripts I'd write, I'd remind him that he wasn't an engli black wedding dresses ... sh teacher and he was to use PHONICS, say it like I have it written! He'd roll his eyes, shake his head and I'm certain think to himself, "damn ad girl" lol

He used to sing, "Long cool woman in a black dress" to me and then we'd laugh because I'm far from long and I always sang, "Willie, willie, willie won't, go home" to him! (he never really liked when I did that though lol)

His knowledge of music was beyond compare! I always loved being in the production studio with him, we'd get side tracked yapping about different artists and genres. Sometimes we'd just have talks, deep, friend talks. I always loved those with him!

Willie was seriously an earth angel, a wonderful soul with so much fun and love to share with everyone! Human person may be gone but his spirit will remain the same, with us always! Gods speed Willie! Love you buddy!

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