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Through all the tears and all the late nights trying to find out where she was and was she safe even going as far as not talking to her for days I NEVER gave up on my baby when I found out that I had cancer I wasn't gonna tell her cause I know she was gonna worry about me I felt like I had to protect her from knowing that I was sick but I knew I couldn't keep her in the after she seen me being sick on a daily basis I told her don't worry about me just finish school and stay out of trouble it took her a while but she did it and I couldn't be more proud of her than I am folks use to say she was gonna be pregnant at 16 She wasn't they even said she was gonna drop out of school she didn't through it all I believed in my baby and she didn't let me down I know my mom is just as proud of her as I am.... I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK BABY... just keep doing what you're doing and as long as I got breath in my body you don't have to worry about nothing cause I GOT YOU!!!! cocktail items to wear of the online market