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+8 The Compassionate Cookery 10 hrs

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Chickepa Omlets : Stuffed with fresh viggies peppers and onions,spinach with a side of fresh fruit and sweet potato hash.

Spinach Artichokes caps: Stuffed portobello mushrooms with vegan Spinach and artichoke dip and a creamy vegan cheese made from Brazilian nuts and cashews.

Aoli cob salad wrap : Stuffed with tri color red and purple, white quinoa. Red cabbage corn peppers with a vegan aoli sauce made from cashews.

Chickpea tacos : Stuffed with refried pinto beans taco seasoned roasted chickpeas and a side of pico de gallo quacamole and shredded red cabbage.

The English Vegan : Vegan egg made with organic tofu or mung beans with a pea protein beyond meat vegan sausage patty, ketchup vegan cheese and a side of golden potato crispers cocktail with golden color

Aloha BBQ Chickpea wraps: Stuffed in Collard greens or whole wheat wrap or make it a salad. With pineapples peppers and sweet red onion in a Hawaiian BBQ glaze.

Cauliflower steak patties or burger : served with a side of creamy mash potatoes and gravy with cooked garlic green beans on the side.

Chickpea crabby patties: Vegan crab cakes. Made of chickepas and vegan seafood seasoning served with vegan tartar sauce or vegan cocktail sauce.

Vegan Chik'n francese: Pea protein cutlet over our yellow rice with broccoli and cappers in a lemon glaze. Side of cooked veggies.

Quinoa berry cob salad: Served with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing side of fresh fruit and mixed nuts.

Fruit salad and Fudgy vegan brownies.