country rustic collections for wedding made of lace

Happy birthday to my best friend/my ROD/my blood/my voice/my spirit/my everything. This woman has sacrificed so much in life so that i may have. Ever since i was born we connect. WHY? because im you. I got a smart mouth a bad attitude the only difference between us is im taller. We are closer than bonnie and clyde and even batman and robin. So many things we have done together & memories that will last forever like: driving in backroads, almost jumping people, eating Luigi ice, drinking tea, watching movies, creating silly names like JAS just to clean up the house, u forcing me 2 let u wash my hair, tryin 2 force me in relationships, eating Gumbeaux, u yelling @ me 4 singing pop music, singing Angel by Anita Baker & I Bet 2 u ???? Ooohhh, I hate, I hate that I'm Singing this song cause I love u yeah, I love u Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh I’m all cried out...yeah, right now it’s killing me cause now I have 2 find someone else when all I wanted was u ???? , almost dying 2 the smell of tiger balm or arthritis hot because u stay in pain, telling me about how u are blessed in highly favor, listening 2 the Lord's prayer "blessed are the meek...for they shall inherit the earth", listening 2 ???? THERE IS NO GRE-A-TERRRR LOVEEEEEE...THERE IS NO GREATER LOVE ???? , picking u up from falling out @ church, u wearing my clothes, slapping me upside the head 4 talking back, eating uncooked chicken that u ATTEMPTED 2 cook, throwing an avocado seed at my back, low-key teasing me for things I want: "mmm this is a good chick-fil-a sandwich I only wish that Joe could eat some", teaching me about how to pick up on people's spirits, always being there when I need u, showing up 2 the bus 2 snatch a girl's weave out and say "i will split a niggas wig down the middle", taking care of u when you decide 2 go get a large Strawberry with Extra cheese cake blizzard from Dairy Queen, running 2 the dollar store @ late night hours 2 buy the whole stock of Loorne Doone's and Lance's cookies, making me go back into McDonald's 2 make sure they put a Hazelnut shot in ur coffee, challenging me 2 HIGH level /critical thinking questions, writing cute little embarrassing notes during milestone saying GO ESQUIRE!, u being the loudest @ my track meets saying, "YOU GOT THIS BOI, I'M JUICE'S MOM NIGHAS!, DON'T MESS WITH ME or JOE , HE FYE, always encouraging me 2 be the best I can be (even when I sometimes doubt myself), u always getting pulled over because u can't drive @ all --> *making illegal U-turns or trying 2 beat the light, u crying "MOMMY", waking me up @ 3:00 in the morning because u left the sink running & flooded my bathroom, doing/playing with ur hair, picking on people ---> *oml Joe look at that fat slab on that lady back...she look like a whole pig and cow in that dress "MOOO AND OINK OINK", bragging about me all the time, keeping me church, making me the 2nd head usher, saying "Joe u have no taste in clothes...boy this would look so good with some converse" I could go on even more but I can't imagine my life without u being there 2 make it funny, interesting, and all of the above, you make me want to do better with the simplest things in life, with ur encouragement I have found myself becoming a successful man in the future because u little lady have drawn the best path 4're not perfect OH NO far from it!, but u keep it real(100) even when I can't handle it. U told me 2 except no for an answer and 2 never to pick a fight but if I did to use every weapon in site *You better throw sand in that fool face country rustic collections for wedding made of lace ???? ", u always telling me, "I'll love u forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be!!" but today it's "I'll love u forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my mommy you'll be!" I can't imagine how some children don't have mothers but I am so so truly blessed 2 have u in my life & I WOULDN'T give up anything 2 have u replaced...even if u nag everyday about how I stay on my phone too much. Anyways I will travel to hell and back for u. You're my everything but mainly my mommy. -Juice ?? ??

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