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Flagyl: On the fence

Why do you need Flagyl or Tindamax? The conventional wisdom is that treatment needs to address all three forms of the bacteria. After all, the spirochete morphs into L-forms and cyst forms; if these different morphologies are not targeted the disease cannot be "cured." Otherwise, the bacteria cannot be eradicated. The cysts after all, become be a reservoir of disease waiting for the right conditions, to become active spirochetes. The science, the bacteri ... ology, the immunology tells us something different. The body cannot be sterilized of Lyme or Bb bacteria. The intracellular niche is too protected. The immune response to intracellular bacteria is not far reaching enough. Despite clinical remission, Bb will forever persist within our cells and tissues. Many patients who are in a clinically remission relapse significantly when "cyts busting" drugs are added. The immune system becomes activated; inflammatory cytokines are produced and the symptoms return. The patient "Herxes" all over again. Frequently cognitive dysfunction worsens, joint pain and fatigue return as well as other symptoms. And to what end?

Yes- Cystic and granular forms of Bb have been demonstrated in the brain. In some cases the addition of Flagyl can lead to cognitive improvement. I don't think this is usually the case. Many cyst and granular forms have found under biofilms. My suspicion is that biofilms are not a cause for alarm. At any rate, there is no way to reach or kill such germs. By far, the biggest source of foreign bacteria is found in our oral cavities. These bacteria contained within biofilms generally cause us no adverse health consequences. It is only when the biolfims become broken down by active infection that these previously walled of colonies of bacteria become problematic. Sometimes- anti-cyst therapy seems to improve mental clarity. If cognitive issues persist, then the drugs can be tried. The mechanism by which this occurs in unclear to me. For the most part treating Bb cysts may be a lot like swatting a stick at an otherwise quiet hornet's nest. cowgirl wedding items for a country wedding

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LymeMD: Flagyl: On the fence It makes sense to me that this would be a tactic to try, once the bacterial load is way down, etc. Very interesting... Our LLMD, Dr. Liegner, doesn't use Flagyl or so-called "cyst busters", he doesn't believe they are