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Is a backbend doing what you think it's doing? Often the intention of a backbend is to bring mobility into the spine and undo the computer hunch position. Yet when we are "opening" the chest and back, we are usually moving from a hinge point position around T12 & L1.

While you might look "open" from the front, you are closing off the back and not really mobilizing the spine like you think you are! This hinging action of your ribcage can create low back pain and also impedes y ... our ability to breath deeply. By being able to look under the surface and get a sense of the structures that move us, we can gain a better understanding of how you move and how to move in a more sustainable way.

Watch the video for a great tutorial on what a rib thrust is, what it is doing to your spine (and not doing) along with some simple tips to improve your breathing mechanics.

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Backbends, Rib Thrust Breath: How to prevent low back pain in yoga! This lesson explains what a rib thrust is and how it can affect your lower back, your breathing and your spine. Super important for yogis who do a lot of