ivory colored items to wear for the maid of the brides

1 hour after Sally arrived at Rebecca's house yesterday, she noticed Sally was limping and had a horrible rash on her neck and stomach. Sally couldn't put any weight on her back left leg and it was clear she was in serious discomfort.
An immediate appointment with a surgeon was made and she was brought in. They ran a full blood panel, took a culture of her rash, x-rayed her chest and her both back legs.

Sadly, Sally's left knee has a torn ACL and her right knee will likely ... tear all the way at some point in the future. She also has some arthritis in her hips.
They prescribed Sally Rimadyl for pain and Cefpodoxime (antibiotic) for the skin until we get the culture back in 5 days or so.
Sally is now scheduled for surgery Nov 30th to get her left knee done. The surgeon will look closer at the right knee while she is under and determine then whether or not to do her right knee at the same time. In addition to this, they found a mammary gland tumor that will also need to be removed, which too will happen at the same time as her knee/knees are getting done.

We are devastated by the news. The fact that Sally has already gone through two brutal surgeries and will now have to endure this is unfair and beyond shitty. Sally and her spirit is the definition of pure love and her love for life is next level. Sally is hands down one of the kindest, gentlest and connected hippos we've had the honor of knowing. She let the docs and staff flip her around, bend her hurting legs, move her and stick her and she did nothing but love them all with her entire heart. We are in awe of Sally and while we can't believe this is happening and has to go through it, she deserves a life without pain. So....here we go. ivory colored items to wear for the maid of the brides
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