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We are all ladies but something makes you and i different from every other lady.
Of course your character makes you unique and special but do you know your outward appearance also speaks volume about your inward parts?

I have heard several people say that outward appearance is not important, what matters is your good character which is your inner beauty, they are very right, very very right! but i will say that both matters. It is expedient that you be a balanced lady that is to say, work on your outward appearance and work on your character.
Nothing makes a woman irresistible than having a good character plus a good appearance! this is where these words 'beauty plus brain' sets in.

Dear Lady,
The female body is a very delicate one, God took extra time to mould us into a woman. Hence, our bodies needs proper grooming and care time to time.
You need healthy food, good and clean clothing and the likes to keep your body healthy and appearance admirable.
You need no huge amount of money to look beautiful and admirable, all you need is to choose things that looks beautiful on you and works fine in you.
Let's consider the areas where we need to give proper attention and care.
It's obvious that every part of the female body needs proper care so let's see....

The hair
Your hair speaks volume about your neatness if you don't know.
A smelling itchy hair is enough to tell if you're neat or dirty, so you have to work on that area. Just as i have said earlier, you need no huge amount of money to take care of yourself, all you need is wise spending. Get cheap and good hair products for your hair, google hair care recipes and treatment procedures, then choose the one that suites you, there are DIY's to lower your cost of spending, follow it up! Take proper care of your hair. Wash it, clean it, groom and feed it to keep it beautiful, admirable and healthy. ivory colored items to wear of the prom

Your pubic areas.
Cleaning and shaving of the armpit is very important, it makes you clean and smell neutral adding