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PUTTIN MY TOOTS SENSE IN... So, this is interesting.. After those all-loving liberals paraded themselves down to DC they all became extremely confused .. Yes wise guy.. even more confused then normal!! Because according to the IPCC, the FUCC, the KGBB and Jaun Valdez.. The liberal progressive estrogen in the air that day has been reported to have reached dangerously high levels.. Even exceeding eco friendly environmentally toxic consistencies of extra terrestrial propor ... tions, speeding up menopausal rates through the reproductive cavity causing the cerebrum function to slow down dramatically, transforming the normal adult functions of logic, reason and common sense into the mind debilitating brain deadly decease called LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ aka… Liberalitis which in other words means .. You got mush between your ears.. And that's the main reason behind all those irrational out brakes of FemoNazism and Pinkofascism.. Who are now literally threatening America that they will all become Muslims because Trump won.. It's kinda like those guys who want to cut off their penises because of Trump.. Only they sound like they may have already been girls trapped inside a little dopey liberal boys body.. .. because when you think about it.. That's almost as laughable as the time those other liberal self centered "D" for Delusional LIST hollywood hacks PROMISED they would move to Canada, if Trump Won. well, just as luck would have it.. Trump won and those "D" list dingbats are still here!! oh well.. . But i must admit, mentally visualizing those eco friendly femonazi, menopausic morons marching down Broadway on a Saturday afternoon in the Islamic holy city of Mecca with a periwinkle pink pussy shaped hat wrapped around their heads.. would be fucking PRICELESS!! on sale wedding apparels With long sleeves

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