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Everytime we're going away and need a quick/ easy breakfast for my little man, I make sure to make these for me son ahead of time.
They're great w/ GF flour mixes too..

I use Rice Milk and add Enjoy Life Mini Chips. They freeze well - I just pull out what's needed for breakfast and re-heat in the microwave OR keep in the fridge.
Best part, when you add the mini chips, you don't need syrup!!!


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Favorite Pancakes (without eggs) Great recipe - added to it, just a bit! I followed this recipe to a T, but the batter came out very runny, so I added about 1/3 cup more of flour to thicken up a bit. Also, I took note of the comments that said the pancakes came out a bit bitter, so I added 1 tbsp more of sugar. The pancakes came online store wedding items with affordable price