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How can I save my emails?

This is a common question because normally we save everything else: documents, pictures, and videos. Email is different because it's not data that has to be on our computers. Our computers receive the emails from other computers.

Let me explain. Unless you have your own server at home or your business, most people do not technically own their email. Google or Yahoo or AOL let you use their servers so that you can have email. Since your email is onl ... ine at someone else's computer you can access your email anywhere, even at a hotel computer. Email, you see, is just data that your computer reads and doesn't have to store on your own computer.

So let me answer the question about saving your emails. Ten years ago we used to have limits on our email. Now, we pretty much have unlimited storage for our email so we do not have to delete emails to save space. Also, we do not have to save anything to our own computer from Google, AOL, or Yahoo. As long as you do not delete the important emails that you want to save, they will be there indefinitely. sage green colored items to pick for maid of the brides

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