second wedding dresses for older brides

Help other brides! I need advise! I got my wedding dress from a shop in Boise who other than me seeing it when I first tried it on I've not seen it since I would stop in to make payments they offered me layaway, it was never there each time I came so I couldn't see it! I have now tried to go within the last week and a half about three or four different times to pick it up! Each time I'm told is not done yet, yesterday I attempted to go for about the 4th time and was told it was going to be ready anytime after 3, I showed up about 5 pm giving them extra time, when I showed up they told me there was still another hour left on it, that it was "in the sowing machine" granted this is Boise and every time I come out I'm coming from South Nampa and now this morning the girl who basically runs the place for the older woman who does all the tailoring, told me that the older women who's in the middle of tailoring my dress was in a car accident last night and id in the hospital!!!!! I am freaking the F out and don't know what to do!!!!! My wedding is on Wednesday does anybody have any useful advice it's too late to get a dress anywhere else!!!! second wedding dresses for older brides