short items to wear in the wedding that is not expensive

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Everything I have read says that a first period after a miscarriage should be expected around 20 days after the Miscarriage. this is my first miscarriage so i am basically learning as things happen.


My question: Is it the same count as with a regular ovulation? Such as first day of period begins the new cycle or the first day of no bleeding after having stopped the miscarriage bleeding? I would assume that it is the same count as if I was expecting my regular period.

As I am having difficulties getting hold of my PCP i am now turning to you ladies for answers. I have tried to pin point when my miscarriage began. Prior to the miscarriage, i had the implant bleed. nothing happened for about a week and then i had old blood discharge. My dr had told me some women could have implant spotting up to 13wk gestation and my hormone levels were fine at the time. I started cramps on the 12th of December. spotted pink blood on the 13. Saw my Dr on the 14th and lab results were given to me on the 16th which showed my hormone levels half of what they should have been for my gestation. I stopped bleeding on the 20th and have had some light spotting on and off. never enough to even warrant the use of a pad. Some of the spotting was old blood and some of it was pink and/or red. Today and for the past 2 days I have been cramping on and off with intermittent old blood and intermittent pink. today the cramps feet more like my normal period cramps prior to the miscarriage. Since the actual bleeding has stopped as of the 20th of Dec, the spotting normally happens when I am active such as at work (a lot of bending, heavy lifting, squatting, stooping, etc.) short items to wear in the wedding that is not expensive


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