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# Enoch
It all started with him constantly calling me during the day and trying to figure out where I was. Even when I was at work he would ask me to call him on the landline. I thought his insecurities would eventually end but boy was I wrong. The insecurities started building up into something bigger until it got physical.
I was smart and had a job that women envied. At my age I was the Finance Manager of the leading manufaturing firm in the country. I was beautiful and I had a beautiful home with a handsome husband. I guess when people would look at Caleb and I they envied us and the lives we were supposedly leading but then again what people don't know is that looks are misleading. Caleb was a charmer and everyone easily fell for his charm;after all isn't that what attracted me to him?
We met when I was in my first year at UNZA and he was at Cavendish doing his third year. He was studying law. We had gone to a party that was being hosted by my room mate's cousin. It was a great party and when Caleb set his eyes on me I was taken. Long story short it was a whirlwind romance and soon we were the envy of our peers. Us getting married wasn't a surprise to anyone and our wedding was the talk of town.
I listened as the sound of his car went off into the distance. I looked back at my image. I was bruised all over. It had been one of those nights when he beat me black and blue. The reason this time round was that I had come home late but then he of all people knew how demanding my job was.
"I expect my wife to be home and cook for me instead of her galavanting around and showing her bum to other men!" He had hissed as he kicked me hard in my stomach.
I was lying in the foetal position as blow upon blow landed on me. I cried out asking for him to stop but that only made him angrier. He only stopped when my strength ran out and I must have passed out. I woke up later due to the coldness of the floor. I struggled to stand as the pain seared through me. Limping I went to the guest room and soaked myself in a hot bath. Hunger was the last thing on my mind. After the bath I applied pain balm and then lay on the bed. Going to the master bedroom at this time would earn me another beating. He hated his "beauty sleep" being disturbed.
You may be wondering why I never reported him,well the first few times it happened I had gone to the cops but because he is an influential lawyer my case file disappeared and when we got home he threatened to kill me. I had told my mother but she shad told me all womenget beaten in marriages. Her response had put me off. I lost my first pregnancy due to the beatings and now....well I was on the pill and Caleb didn't know. I wasn't prepared to have a child with a monster. I would keep pretending that all was fine but keep taking my pills.
I dropped my gown and stared at my body in the full length mirror. I had a great body and I was proud of how I kept it in shape. Keeping up appeareances I always said. I ignored the tears in my eyes. I had cried enough and knew even if I continued crying my circumstances wouldn't change. I turned away from the mirror and went to the walk in closet that held more than enough clothes. I pulled out a long sleeved brown chiffon top and a black slack. You see Hd learnt to dress in such a way as to cover my bruises. And most times Caleb was careful not to hit my face but then there were occassions such as this that his fists landed on my face blackening my eyes.
I dressed up slow as the pain reminded me of the beatings. You never get used to the pain but you learn to manage it. I slowly walked to the dressing mirror and sat down to do my face. I had called work and told them I would come in late. I usually did heavy make up when I was beaten on the face. After I was done I called Diane my best friend;she was a pharmacist at UTH.
"Kassie, ati bwanji boi?"
"Hey ma. I am coming through. I need a strong pain killer."
She kept silent. I knew what she was thinking. She had asked me many times to leave Caleb. I had tried but then he had strong connections and well my mother was in love with the idea of being mother in law to the Caleb Chibuye.
"Okay Kasamba. You will find the meds," she said with so much disapproval.
I sighed as I cut the line. Diane just didn't know how hard it was and how much shame I felt. I was a statistic of the battered women in Zambia. What most people didn't know was that some of us had no choice but to stay. I always prayed for a solution and hoped one day it would come. I had long stopped loving Caleb. In my eyes he was a monster and even when he touche dme I felt repulsed but I had to pretend. I grabbed my sunglasses and handbag as well as my laptop bag and walked out. The maid was already in the kitchen. I greeted her and asked her to prepare dry fish and pumpkin leaves for lunch. Caleb loved to have lunch at home. She gave me a sympathetic look but I pretended not to notice. She of all people knew what was going on but couldn't help. As I jumped into the car I smelt the cheap perfume. Yes cheap perfume. I knew it belonged to Caleb's side chick. I mean hadn't I caught him banging her in our study the second time he hit me. He had told me what he did was his business. If I found him banging a woman I just had to walk away and wait for him to return to me. short wedding dresses cheap
"After all I married you," he said after hitting me and I lay on the floor whimpering.
I shook my head and opened the window before spraying air freshner. One day,just one day I will have my happiness I said as I reversed the car.
To be continued...
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