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Hello, I want to share with all of you a feeling that is very hard to eliminate, as you have seen, I am building my body, my mind and a lifestyle... a healthy lifestyle, with the full extent of the word.

It is not easy, but I am putting all my effort, also know a little bit about me, I have osteoarthritis throughout my body, poor circulation and 2 hernias. One of the hernias I have is in the high abdomen at the height of the stomach, and that hernia makes my abdomen look like Im pregnant.
Well I see other people in our group who have Enormous transformations, in just a week! and logically I also have changed but it is not a huge change as I would like, and that makes me suddenly start thinking negative, (I think " I better leave this, it is a lot of effort and not much result, Will it be worth it?") A few minutes pass and that other voice comes to my head, and says to me: " are you going to throw everything out just for being impatient? Have you not understood, that all that is worth it costs? Your change is there, a little slower than other people but you see it !!!" And I put all my effort back at it. You know why? Because thank God eventhough I dont have that huge transformation in my body, I can already see myself in the mirror! and the most valuable thing is, that I ALREADY like what I see! and I take photos that I had years and years of not wanting to do! I want to be A motivation for people who suffer from being overweight and do not feel good about themselves because they have not been able to achieve change, I want to help them, and that we learn together to love each other, to accept ourselves and to see ourselves as God sees us. I would love for them to give themselves and give me the opportunity to help each other. God bless you simple chic bridesmaid wears look shabby