simple lace wedding dresses

Important information about the factories of quality standards in China.

There are 3 types of quality, SIMPLE, STANDARD and BEST.
I will help you understand about it.

SIMPLE QUALITY:They are well below dresses, low quality, simple and cheap materials, just finish, but the prices are very attractive. These are the ones that most sell on EBAY and Alixpress, LIgthInBox, Milano, among other sites ...A wedding dress cost up to $ 80 to $150.

QUALITY STANDARD:They are dressed in standard quality to the world market (US and EUROPE). These are the that exist in most bridal shops in big city. They are of good quality, similar synthetic fabrics to the most expensive fabrics. They are well made and good finish. The median price is from $ 150 to $ 300. If you can afford a little more from $ 350 to $ 400 your dress can be customized as good visibly as a high fashion luxury dress.

BEST QUALITY:Are the dresses that designers have in their brands and stores. CHINA factory for the major brands and supplies the stock of large stores such as David's Bridal, Maggie Sottero, Pronovias and Kleinfeld stores. If you can buy a piece of a manufactory of bast quality, your dress will be same quality and finish of these brands what I said. The price ranges from $ 450 to $ 600, but if you want to use a luxury dress can pay guaranteed to have a perfect replica 98% to a dress that cost more than $ 5 thousand dollars. simple lace wedding dresses


- A replica dress for a photo can be equal to 70% if done in simple quality factories

- A replica dress for a photo can be up to 85% in the same standard quality factories

- A replica dress for a photo can be up to 98% in the same best quality factories

- A dress custom design only in the standard or best quality factories, please! It is very risky to do in manufactures of low quality!

- Only factory in best quality can choose lace and embroidery.