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When (Michael Jackson) died, the love the bounded us together came apart; (God) tore him off of me, I seriously felt him depart from me body & I thought I was dying with him. 11:36 a.m. He had pain in his front right side; great pain & I started dying right before my teachers eyes; & he said, you look like your dying. He told us to take break & everybody left me, dying in the class room & I prayed to make it outside to a Deacon from my church (UMC) church & he prayed for me, Michael left my body at 11:36 a.m. (God) tore him off my side; we were joined together at the hip, on the right side. (Diana Ross) was his first love & his only love! wedding bridals wears in wholesale price

Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana (Official Video) Michael Jackson's "Dirty Diana" short film captured the high-intensity live experience of one of his concerts, complete with a guitar solo from guitarist