wedding dresses for short curvy brides

Hi everyone, this is a customer that came in and wanted me to make her a mother of the bride long dress for her daughter's wedding. She saw a red dress at on of the department stores and wanted me to make one similar which is in the pictures. The making of her dress was a little tedious because she was short waisted, sway back (she had a deep curve in her back before her hips) and on top of that her hips was very curvy. So I made her dress with box pleats because I wanted the pleats to lay down and not stick out on her tummy. When designing or making clothes for people, you HAVE TO DESIDE WHAT LOOKS BEST ON THEIR BODY!! What they like might not be good for their shape. Anyway, I think the blue taffeta dress look really good on her! I also lined this gown. Enjoy! wedding dresses for short curvy brides