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When I was young(er).... kids with mental health issues and/or physical disabilities were shunned away into "Special Schools" .. which on much later examination proved to be hell-holes of abuse and neglect. That was one of the problems.
But the other, often forgotten problem was that the rest of us in 'normal' schooling never met those kids, never made friends with any of them, never even knew the names of the various problems those other kids faced. Seen only at a distance, ... it was so easy for some to make macabre, childish fun of the sight of young special school kids waiting for their bus to pick them up. The only education we ever got on these matters came from my mother... whose words.. "There but for the grace of God, go I" were sometimes followed by a sound whack with a wooden spoon. So we grew up ignorant of the facts surrounding their lives. It was only later in life when we started learning about 'famous' people with disabilities that any realisation started entering our heads. And we grew up with NO understanding of how to handle ourselves when faced with disability... or disability in general. wedding garments with lace with affordable price
I think we missed a wonderful opportunity to learn, to make special friends, to develop compassion and understanding. And our rate of schooling took just as long as it would have had those kids not been segregated away. Hmm.... what I'm learning now is that I wish I'd learned this stuff much earlier.
Everyone, and I mean everyone... has something to give.

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