wedding wear options for older and mature brides

You know what really chaps my ass? I am in several groups for animals and it really irritates my soul how people can be. We don't all see animals the same way. I can't make anyone feel what I feel for their pet as I do for mines. This is solely my opinion and I will say whatever tf I want on my posts, so heads up! Having a pet is going to be as much work as it is as having a child. A lot of people are always looking to purchase new puppies when they don't understand what it t ... akes to take care of one, these puppies grow up and now not as cute as they once were when they were small so now you want to give them up, abandon them, or tie them up in your backyard to expire in the elements. Animals are spirits too. They feel, they have hearts and they will love you more then they love themselves! You are all they have! They trust you to care for them. As puppies it's a major commitment to train them and not neglect nor abuse them because they pee or poop on your floor, that's where your patience and training comes in. That's like spanking the shit out of a newborn because they mess their diaper or poop out of it. They don't know any better. When rehoming animals don't sit up and just give your animal you've had just to anyone and if you are trying to rehome more then one don't split them up. They are just like children! AND if I post on my page that I'm trying to to help someone rehome their animal don't sit back and waste our time in acting like you are interested and are willing to proceed in requirements and once contacted never respond. We go in order as far as responses so these poor dogs are waiting on your response or your bullshit! Humans can be so fucken irritating! I question any and everyone who doesn't like animals and when my dogs don't like you I trust their senses more than my own. Oh and also when you come to my house, YOU REMEMBER this fucken rule! You are a guest and you are my dog's guest as well! You don't yell, kick, or be rude to my dogs! EVER! This is their house and they will bark at you in the initial walk in and smell you as well. If you do not wish to visit I WOULDN'T GIVE A SHIT either way! This is a general post if you feel some type of way I still wouldn't gaf! You know where the unfriend button is. Rant over... wedding wear options for older and mature brides

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