wedding wears suitable for a tall bride

So I'm about 7 weeks pregnant. I was scared and upset to find out I was expecting again as I had the appointment made to have tubal ligation. This is my 4th pregnancy and although I want this baby I find myself having a hard time being excited or happy. It never fails with all 4 of my kids I've been so sick with hypermesis gravidarium and hospitalized for severe dehydration due to vomiting. My oldest two children were born 9 1/2 weeks early the first from placenta separation the second due to full blown eclampsia. I just feel so sick and miserable. Looking forward to when baby is big enough to move and kick so that I might be able to bond with him or her. My question is how many of you mama's felt this way? Is this normal? Or am I just losing my mind? wedding wears suitable for a tall bride