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Sources :1. “ A textbook of Homeopathic therapeutics ,for students & practitioners” –Prakash Vakil ,&
2. “The most important results of more than forty years’ practice”- G.H.G.JAHR.
Here are some more useful descriptions of remedies during the onset of acute stroke or paralysis occurring due to cerebral vascular events.
ACONITE : First remedy to be thought of in the early stage of apoplexy(stroke) because of the suddenness and accompanying anxiety and restlessness.although the patient cannot express himself fear of death can be read from the eyes.
There maybe H/O exposure to dry cold wind, vexation, or over-indulgence in wine.quite often this occurs at night .A patient may also come with giddiness, palpitation, tingling and numbness of one side.
O/E skin would be dry , hot.
ARNICA: second remedy to be thought of in the early stage and first in case of well established hemiplegia.
The selection of the remedy is on the basis of pathology which is either hemorrhage or thrombosis or embolism, where absorption of the blood clot is of prime importance. Further , this remedy is also useful for head injury and a state of shock.
Patient maybe found ina semi-conscious state ,passing involuntary stools, answering questions and going back to sleep.quite often the mind is so confused that the patient says there is nothing wrong with him.
There maybe sore bruised feeling of the whole body.paralysis of either right or left side.< wine, damp cold, touch.> in head low position in shock state.
O/E Full bounding pulse.
Stertorous breathing
Hot head and cold extremities.
SULPHURIC ACID: To absorb blood-clot. Head-injury or concussion, cold skin bathed in cold sweat.
Great debility. Trembling. Hot flushes. Paralytic contraction in arms. , <excess of heat or cold.
< forenoon or evening. > Warmth, lying on affected side. O/E cold perspiration.Tremors.
OPIUM: Opium poisoning resembles apoplectic condition to a great extent and therefore quite often this medicine is found useful in treating such cases. If the patient is semiconscious he may say nothing is wrong with him.
Confused mind.
Desire to escape.
All the senses are acute except the sense of pain. Patient hears the distant church-bell ringing.
H/O constipation and retention of urine maybe obtained from relatives.
< Heat , > cold things.
O/E stertorous or cheyne-stokes respiration.Hippocrtaic face with eyes half open and congested. Lower jaw falls. Tongue either black or white Hot head and cold extremities. Hot extremities. Hot perspiration .contracted pupils. Right sided paralysis.
--Prakash Vakil
“In apoplexy of any kind my first recourse is always to belladonna if the consciousness is entirely suspended, or to opium, if the patient is lying in a deep stupor, with his mouth open and stertorous breathing; if the loss of consciousness is accompanied by involuntary evacuations from the bowel and bladder, I resort to Arnica , after Hyosc ., which is almost a specific for these symptoms has proved powerless.
Beside these indications I have found the following symptoms worthy of note:
If the patients continually grasp their head, I rely especially upon Opium, sometimes also upon Phosph.If they are continually touching their sexual parts, upon Hyosc.,which is almost a specific remedy.If the corner of the mouth is drawn to the right side , upon Bellad., and likewise Laches.; if drawn to the left side, and Bellad. proves ineffectual, upon Nux vom. And sometimes upon Phos. If convulsions are present at the same time and Bell. And Hyosc have no effect , Cupr. sometimes affords excellent aid. wedding wears with chapel or court train
(Kindly read carefully, think over and make your own notes , compare the suggestions of Prakash Vakil and Jahr,two experienced masters.)
To be contd . in a part III-(other remedies in hemorrhagic stroke /hypertension)