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Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center, Columbus OH

107228 - Claire- Must Be Pulled By 7/24
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Sex: Female
Date of Birth (estimated): 07/2013
Needs pulled by 7/24

"Claire" 4 year old intact female Lab/Hound mix. She is rescue only due to medical. Our vet wrote "BAR and overactive intact female dog. eent - right eye has scrolled cartilage. bilateral chronic ear infections with thickened and folded pinna. likely old hematomas. cleaned out ears and applied otibiotic. small foci of scabbing on external ear. heart, lung ausuclt wnl. abdomen non painful. live fleas seen. staining on caudal dorsum. no spay scar seen. pain on rom of right hip. possibly left hip also, dog struggled for rom. bilateral thickened skin on carpi with ulcerations. coat dirty. starting carprofen 62.5 mg bid until gone; cephalexin 750 mg bid x 7d. gave cestex. do not think will be able to treat ears or eyes at this time. scheduling bath in universal. performed 4dx - all parameters negative. due to severe chronic nature of ears, scrolled cartilage of eye, and apparent pelvic pain - dog would likely be best suited by rescue" what items to wear in the prom for tall ladies

Her stray hold is up. She needs pulled by 7/24.

Dog interaction:At first ignored and explored surroundings, body loose, tail neutral, didnt seem to want to interact with hd and continued to ignore, while walking approached hd briefly on her own and sniffed but then walked away, overall indifferent and choose not to interact, no aggression seen

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