what to wear for the sister of groom

I'm looking to do something based off of ACOTAR, where we make some characters from Courts and do an arranged marriage kinda deal. Some people fall for someone else, others can't stand the idea of it at all and will fight it the whole time. I have a character idea for each court, and would only need to add to them if you required a longer profile. We can do F// M// or F/M pairings. We can do one pairing and focus on them, multiple pairings, or a love triangle //I dont mind playing two characters if you just want to play the one//

Here are my kids to give you an idea! I have human faceclaims, but if you are more interested in Art/anime I can find someone suitable for them. Though I do prefer real people as looks for this one ♡ if interested, please comment down below what court your character will be from, who your love interest(s) is, and a who you will be using as your characters looks ♡

The Dawn Courts crown heir is Elenora, a court ruled by Angels. These people are fair skinned, and wear soft pinks, peaches, and lavender. Skilled in healing magic and light manipulation, the old age was very strict in mating only with their own kind. Times are changing and the young princess is with an open heart. A shy and soft spoken girl, who finds solace in the early hours. When in the throes of intimacy the dawn court is known to emit a certain glow
FC; Lily James

The Day Court Crown heir is Cane, a court ruled by Elves. The people of this kingdom are darker skinned or tan, wearing brilliant gold and stark white clothing. They have talent in speaking with the creatures of their land, and others, each of their kind has a familiar that keeps to their side and protects them. Cane is a gentleman at heart, with the desire to find a bride and settle down. He does not need a crown to be happy, just a woman or man that he whole heartedly loves. He has a dream to have a beautiful family to take care of one day. His familiar is a Leopard named Mystique.
FC; Michael B Jordan

The Night Court Crown heir is Carmilla, a court ruled by demons, vampires and dark elves. Can range between extremely pale and very dark skinned, as there are many species in this kingdom. Their skills lie in spell casting and shadow manipulation. Their people, despite what you may think, clothe themselves in fine materials. The women typically donning more revealing attire, whether it be the cut outs, or sheer materials. They enjoy their jewelry as well, and shine like the stars in the sky. Carmilla is a vampire, one who is quiet, not because she is shy, but to hear what is going on around her. She is passionate and a bit fiery. She can be a bit spoiled, and she won't stand to be the belittled kingdom for hosting such an array of creatures.
FC; Camila Mendes

The Autumn Court crown heir is Cordelia, a court ruled by dragons. These people can again vary in appearance, though a great majority of the people have striking red hair. Those with royal blood are able to shift into them, typically for short periods of time, and it requires plenty energy. Typically it is used to travel great distances, or used as a last resort in battle. But the people as a whole share the gifts of enhanced strength and telepathy. Here, leathers, and shades of orange, yellow, and red are popular. As well as gem tones and deep wine colors. Cordelia is a wild heart, who dreams of seeing the world. She desires a partner, male or female, who will be at her side as she ventures it. As well as someone to cool her down when she gets too heated.
FC; Sophie Turner

The Winter Court crown heir is Hunter, a court ruled by Werewolves. Considering their environment, is comes as no surprise that most lack a tan. But seeing as the wolf pack has members from all over, there is a lot of variety in appearances. Royals are able to use ice manipulation, and everyone can shift into their wolf form at will. Fashion in this court is normally used to give an advantage than to pose as expression. Furs are normally incorporated into their daily attire, that and sturdy leathers. Hunter is a wild child who does not seem like he can be tamed. His family wants him to settle down with a bride or groom that will keep him in line and possibly change him for the better. Hunter is regularly found out in the forest of their land, fooling around with his friends or trying to avoid responsibilities. what to wear for the sister of groom
FC; Kit Harrington

The Spring Court crown heir is Celine, a court ruled by Fairies. The fairy folk are either paler or more tan depending on their specific talent. Universally, all fairies can possess the ability to fly, use air manipulation. The royal family also has the ability to manipulate lightning. The people are normally seen wearing light fabrics, making flight easier on their normally frail and lithe bodies. They enjoy floral patterns, pastels, and silk. Celine has most of her life been a very shy young lady. She has a close knit group of friends, and doesn't know how to feel about being assigned a partner. She finds joy in baking and gardening mostly, she was raised to be the perfect lady. She has never even had her first kiss!
FC; Daisy Ridley

The Summer Court crown heir is Sylas, a court ruled by Mermaids. The merfolk vary in appearances, as some stay closer to the ocean floor, making them more pale, while others like to bask closer to the surface, like Sylas. The prince is aware of how handsome he is, and likes very much to take advantage of it. If it gets him out of trouble or charms someone into a free treat, he will absolutely be guilty of it. He finds feminine women to be what his attention falls on most. But his taste is known to change on occasion. He wont admit it, but he is interested in men too, though they need to be softer and more delicate than most men. A pretty boy gets his heart racing as much as a cute girl in a sundress.
FC;Jason Momoa